Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In the beginning...

Here it is. My entry into bloggy world. I haven't been able to sit down and write anything I feel worthy of putting my name behind but now I feel like an idiot that I have had an official blog for 13 unlucky days and not posted anything. So I'll start at the very beginning. A very good place to start, according to expert beginner, Julie Andrews. She says, "When you read you begin with ABC. When you sing you begin with do, re, me."  

So what have I done since I signed up for this shiny, new blog?  Take a walk with me down short term memory lane...

October 29, 2008 Pumpkin Carving Party at a friends house. It was booze free. And I stayed!  

October 30, 2008 Got a "Get Well Soon" card in the mail. I thought I had mistakenly opened my roommates letter (who is recovering). I checked the envelope and it was correctly addressed to me. I opened it to find, "Good Energy to you in your upcoming or current hangovers."  I really do have dear friends. 

November 1, 2008 Day of the Dead-Managed to survive our annual fundraiser. Even after dropping 15 gallons of homemade horchata (milky, cinnamony, and sugary liquid) onto the floor of the walk-in fridge and silently swore as it gushed everywhere on the floor and kitchen and office, and storeroom. I even made it home in time for a cup of whiskey with my friends before I had to go to work the next day. At a church. 

November 4, 2008 I can't stop thinking about the historic presidential election that just occurred. I wonder when I will stop being moved to tears when I hear Barack's acceptance speech. I wonder how long it will take for the  hope to fade back to my normal jaded self?  Could it be that I will actually tell people I am from the United States during my upcoming trip abroad?  It is all very exciting. 

November 5-today Stuff I can't really recall. Watched some football. Drank most of Sunday. Went on a walk. Almost petted an opossum. I hate those fuckers. When we are more intimate I will share my awful experience with an opossum. 

More as it happens...