Monday, December 8, 2008

Lady of Miracles

I bought a bottle of Makers Mark on Friday night. The only casualty from this are my hot pink gloves. Two big holes for which I am thankful. Because they protected my hands as I flew though the air in an attempt to tackle a moving target (Miles) and missed, landing in the street. I may have a slightly bruised right cheek bone and elbow but my gloves got the worst of it. Thank you gloves for your sacrifice. Speaking of winter gear, hats are also on my mind.

I won't claim here that the world revolves around me (although sometimes I like to think it) but today when I saw my dear crush he wasn't wearing a hat. For the first time since I've met him. I'd like to think it was because of a conversation we had about that hat that made him go hatless. But it could be nothing. Perhaps he was having a good hair day. Perhaps he wanted to go hatless to prove that the wintery cold doesn't affect his warm body. Perhaps he lost it. But to me he went hatless because I asked him why he always wears it.

Just a subtle change as we test the waters. Small changes to see if I notice. I did but I didn't mention that I did. He's quite dreamy, with or without a hat.

I am wearing a hat today. It's sort of like a helmet. It's padded but not enough to wear snowboarding. Fortunately, I do not snowboard. Because my friend Dave ruined it for me. I had decided to be a winter sport-o. I called him and asked how I should prepare for my first snowboarding extravaganza. He very seriously told me to call my biggest, strongest friend and have him hit me all over my body with a 2x4. Because that is what you will feel like after your first week of snowboarding. Needless to say, I didn't make it to the mountain that weekend. Or ever. When I wear this hat I always tell people to punch me in the head. I have to really concentrate when I say this because "Punch me in the FACE" always tries to slip out. And a padded helmet hat doesn't help so much if someone punches me in the face.

Today is the Day of the Virgin of Caacupe, Our Lady of Miracles, celebrated widely. In Paraguay. I may not be religious but who doesn't need a lady of miracles? I will be in Paraguay on Saturday (Si Dios quiere y la Virgin permite-If God wants it so and the Virgin allows it to be) but I will miss all of the festivities. However, I will get to see Timo and buy a new hammock to replace the one that was taken off my porch recently and take in the sights of lovely Asuncion (note: casino if I'm with Timo) before I head off to my sweet, little second home, Tacuru Pyta, outside of Pilar, capital of Paraguayan cordiality! Es al pelo!

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