Thursday, February 14, 2013

The First Day After My First Due Date...

...Due date meaning a baby is due out of my womb and into my arms.

I've had and met other deadlines. I suppose it would be kind of awful if due dates were called deadlines instead of due dates. Either way, they are awful. At least this was my experience. So much expectation, anticipation, pressure, and patience wrapped up into one, tiny, insignificant date. But for me, February 13, 2013, came and went with no sign of Baby Giggles making an appearance and it was hard.

I woke up with so much hope and soon realized that nothing was going to happen. To compound my frustration, I finally ran the errand that I couldn't manage to do for the past 3 months - go into an AT&T store to secure my union discount. I failed. Because John is the account owner and although I'm allowed to make changes on the account, my status on the account doesn't warrant a discount. While not an earth shattering disappointment it seemed pretty tragic. Enough to send me to my room when I got home and cry my eyeballs out. Not about the discount but about not having a baby. On my due date. A failure. A disappointment. Oh, the unknown. So much heartache about something quite silly. All day I was sad.

Today, February 14, 2013, I woke up renewed. Tranquilo. Knowing that Baby Giggles might not make an appearance until February 27, 2013 (in which case they will induce me and boss Baby Giggles around instead of Baby G bossing us around) and I am okay with that. I will update my iPhone, take walks, enjoy time with Sister (when she isn't working) and eat really good food. I will get acupuncture and beg for Dr. Zhou to take a guess at when this baby will arrive. I will finally write all those thank you notes that everyone deserves that I couldn't muster the energy for earlier. I'll get over the fact that I am not working and just using up my vacation and sick time for no good reason and I'll be okay with it. This is turning into quite a long mantra.

I will begin my blog again. One that (I can tell already) will be very different from my older posts about booze and crushes and non-baby things. But I'm excited at this new start - with or without Baby Giggles.

And good news! We got into a daycare - which in this market is kind of like getting into the college of your choice and your choice is top notch. 8 blocks from our house. Highly recommended by our friends. Bilingual education. Now, we just need a child to take to daycare. Baby Giggles, I'm talking to you.

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