Sunday, November 16, 2008

Love, Lust and Just Plain Crazy

There is a lot to be said about Love and Crazy. I have a big crush on someone. I used to have a big crush on someone else. He was a bartender and his hours did not fit into my professional life hours very well. But I spent a summer wooing him. He was always sweet. Always generous. Always smiling. But that is all the farther we got. I kept threatening myself to break up with the crush. But I kept returning to the bar each Sunday night and made no progress. Once I got up enough liquid courage to ask him if he likes peaches. Because I was going peach picking and thought I could use peaches as leverage for love. The next weekend I brought him a box of peaches. But I got there too early and he wasn't around. I felt silly waiting so I left the box there for him. The next time I saw him he was very thankful. He bought me drinks all night and I really thought we were making progress. I haven't seen him since that night. The peaches got me a few free drinks and a sweet smile. So now our love is just a faded memory. Even if he didn't know we were in love.  It's not as sad as it seems.  
There is a silver lining though. Because this interaction came up again recently. With my new crush. He's a former bartender  and mentioned that bartenders always remember the people who bring them things. So I asked, "Did anyone ever bring you a box of peaches?"  He said no. So I continued, "Do you think you would have fallen in love with someone if they brought you a box of peaches?"  He said probably. So technically the sweet crush circle has been completed and he loves me because I one time gave a box of peaches to a bartender and he was once a bartender and would have fallen in love with the peach giver. 
I'm planning our wedding tomorrow at work!  Hooray!  I am only kidding. But that is what happens with love and crazy. There is a fine line. I have never been very good at lines. I always resented the folks who would turn in their coloring contest pictures complete with markered outlines and no scribbles outside the black lines. What fun is that? So I sit here and teeter on the crazy line. 

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