Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Underwater Worlds of Pudding

Dreams are weird things. From the Chinese Medicine perspective you dream because your liver is ridding itself of toxins. Which is why I must dream a lot. I don't always remember my dreams but last night I remember it well.

I was in Spanish class in college. But my friend Dave was there and I didn't meet him until after college. It was my college prof, Nancy and some college classmates and we were at a country club. Which is where most college classes were held back in my day. I had to play the guitarra for the class, much to Dave's delight. You see, Dave is a guitar hero. I am not. So I did my best stringing some chords together. The class was not impressed. So I went for a swim. Only to remember that I had to meet my carpool. But the real pool felt so good. Even though I was in my clothes. So I swam a few laps and then decided to skip work because the carpool had already left. I woke up late, just in time to squeeze in a shower and head out the door with a soaking wet head to meet the carpool on time.

I mentioned my dream to my carpooler, Ben. He had a dream about playing the guitarra too. Only he had spatula hands. Metal ones apparently.

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