Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Showers of thoughts

The charity package I chose for our annual family Christmas gift to someone besides ourselves is a project in Haiti. Because it says the kids are "showered with the love of Christ" in addition to 3 nutritious meals a day, a safe place to live and an education. What more could one ask for? I guess, I have to ask, "Do they get to have real showers too?"

I was told today that carpooler is not the correct term. Carpoolist is the preferred nomenclature, dude. Just an FYI to keep you all up to date.

Going Away Parties: place were you get to meet a bunch of people who you'll never see again because your only connection to them is the person who is leaving! I just went to one-I should know.

Jeff Holmes, my former boss, is full of advice. I think he is a total nut job so I didn't pay much attention to what he had to say. But he consistently said, "Never trust any man with a last name that's a first name." My crush has just that-a last name that's a first name. What's a girl to do? I asked Jeff for his advice and he told me to slap him and run in the opposite direction. I refused to do so and Jeff gave me another piece of advice: "Never trust a man who wears a bow tie." Clearly he had some trust issues. Which makes sense because while we worked together one of his employees rolled an entire safe full of money right out the door.So I asked my crush if he wears bow ties? He has. And as crazy as Jeff is and however poor his advice may be, I can't stop thinking about it. What if those two things somehow really mess a person up? I proceed with caution!

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